VoIP By: NascentHub | May 17

How to Train Your Employees on VoIP

Imagine you came into work one day and all the light switches had been replaced. They look sort of like the old ones, but they have more buttons, and it takes you a good minute to figure out how to get the light on in your office. You’d probably be beyond annoyed.

If you’re the one making decisions, it won’t come as a surprise when your new phone system is finally installed. But for the rest of your employees, it could come as a complete shock.

Forcing your team to use new tools with no prior warning can lead to a lot of unhappiness, frustration, and lack of productivity. You want your new VoIP phone experience to be the opposite of that.

Following, are just a few tips that we’ve found helpful in ensuring a seamless transition between your old phones and your new VoIP system.

Get the Features You Need

One of the best ways to effectively train your employees on a new system is to start in the early purchase stages. If you want a phone system that works well for what your company needs to accomplish, then you want one that has the specific features you need without the bulk of any that you don’t. Bring key players like your receptionist and administrative assistants into the process from the beginning and find out what they want from new phones. The better able you are to meet these individuals’ needs, the easier it will be to train them on the phones once they’re installed.

Make Sure Your VoIP Works with Existing Software

Building off that same idea, you don’t want your VoIP phones to make it harder for employees to use the tools they are used to. In many cases, something like a Pennsylvania ShoreTel phone system will have easy integration with your CRM or other critical technology tools, but other tools might need custom integrations built. Ultimately, you want your VoIP system to make your employees more efficient, and if they have to learn multiple new tools, that’s unlikely to happen.

Give the System a Formal Introduction

As we mentioned at the beginning, the shock of getting a new phone system can be a huge hurdle when it comes to training your employees. To avoid the shock altogether, be sure that your employees get a formal introduction to the new system before it is installed. You may want to send out a company-wide email or even have your VoIP provider come into a staff meeting to do the introduction.

Find a Partner that’s Available

This brings us to another important part of training your employees on VoIP: your provider. Some VoIP providers, whether they offer Pennsylvania ShoreTel phones or other options, are much more available to answer questions and provide training than others. If training is a key concern, be sure that you bring this up with any provider that you are considering.

The training program that makes the most sense for your employees will depend on your team, how technologically savvy they are, and what VoIP system or unified communications solution you choose. The best solution should be easy to use while still providing a range of new tools that will make your company run more smoothly.

If you want to see how NascentHub was able to integrate a new phone system seamlessly into one company, download our case study below.