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Why Scalability is Critical for Communication Technology

Imagine your office only has enough coffee mugs to accommodate the employees you already have. If you make a new hire or even open up a new office, you’ll have to get ...

How to Train Your Employees on VoIP

Imagine you came into work one day and all the light switches had been replaced. They look sort of like the old ones, but they have more buttons, and it takes you ...

5 VoIP Features That Might Surprise You

When your company is looking for a new phone system, you might think they all look basically the same. Do you really need all the bells and whistles that come along ...

How to Effectively Present an IT Strategy

Unless you’re the type of person to sit quietly at your desk from 9 to 5 with no hopes of ever getting a promotion or reaching a new level of your career, chances ...

VoIP and the Internet of Things

 Imagine a refrigerator that was never empty.

Or an office trash can that was never full.

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