Why Scalability is Critical for Communication Technology

Imagine your office only has enough coffee mugs to accommodate the employees you already have. If you make a new hire or even open up a new office, you’ll have to get some new mugs. But what if you make a new hire and you find that it’s impossible to buy one more mug and instead you have replaced all the coffee mugs you already have, plus buy 250 more just to make sure one new person has a mug?

That would be ridiculous.

And yet, that’s exactly how some communications systems work. It’s impossible to add one new phone without completely dismantling your existing system.

If you want a better solution, look for scalability.

A scalable communication system offers:

Opportunities for Growth

The most obvious benefit of a scalable phone system is how easy it becomes to add a new employee or even a new location. With a hosted VoIP system, for example, you can simply plug a new handset in and your new user will be ready to go. Scalable communications mean one less headache -- and one less expense -- you have to worry about when you’re looking to grow your business.

Seasonal Flexibility

A lot of businesses run on a seasonal schedule, which can be a huge inconvenience when investing in communications technology or data cloud solutions. Without an easily scalable option, you’re forced to buy a system that supports your peak season even when you won’t use it for at least half the year. Scalability means the ability to scale up and down easily so that you’re not overpaying just because it’s your busy season.

Support for Remote Workers

The move towards a more remote workforce is still going strong. If remote workers are on the horizon for your company, communication scalability is essential. Adding remote workers to a scalable phone system is simple and cost-effective. Employees outside the office, whether they’re remote or traveling, can still access all the features of the business phone system you pay for easily for maximum productivity.

Predictable Costs

If your communications solution is not scalable, there is no telling how much you will end up spending as your company grows. If you reach your user limit and are forced to completely replace your phone or data cloud solutions, you will incur huge upfront costs that your budget may not be able to accommodate. When you choose a scalable solution, you know that adding more users only means making sure you have enough handsets. Predictable costs are helpful in virtually every aspect of business because it allows you to plan out your budget reliably and know where you can invest in order to meet your business goals most effectively.

Whether it’s a VoIP phone system, data cloud solutions, or other communication technology, scalability should always be a consideration. A scalable solution means a cost-effective solution that allows you to focus attention and resources on broader business goals.

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