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Premise and cloud solutions that give you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Our solutions assist educational leaders in tying together disparate systems and helping groups collaborate and present a unified face to their constituents.

Why NascentHub?

Education Solutions

Through premise or cloud platforms, we tie together disparate data and transactional systems in order to enable real time collaboration, and through sophisticated unified communications tools, we bring a single view to all users.


Custom Technology Solutions

NascentHub’s premise and cloud solutions give our Education and Nonprofit clients the ability to focus on what they do best, educate and raise money. NascentHub can manage applications and their related processes both in house and in our facilities, providing guaranteed service levels for applications and technology support and management.


Legacy Modernization

Every year one of the top “Technologies Initiatives” identified in the educational organizations involves addressing legacy technology issues. Through leveraging our industry knowledge, experience with relevant solution architectures, and our strategy and implementation methodologies, we assist our clients in developing and executing strategies to modernize core applications.


Communication Optimization

Even if your systems are accomplishing their individual goals, when they are unable to communicate with one another you can experience massive inefficiencies and miscommunications. NascentHub can ensure that the technology you rely on is fully integrated to optimize your output across the board.

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